Firmware | SoundAdvisor 831C Sound Level Meter

From Octave Band Analysis to Event Detection and Alerts

  • LD 831C RA Reverberation Time

    Reverberation Time Measurements

    Model 831C-RA

    Reverberation time measurements are key to understanding the acoustic characteristics of a room and are also used to calculate absorption coefficients in materials testing. SoundAdvisor™ with 831C-RA firmware measures sound level decays and computes reverberation time (RT60).

  • Close up of person wearing headphones

    Hear The Sound Being Measured


    Combine sound data with recordings of the sound being measured for noise source identification. Trigger recordings manually or automatically when combined with 831C-ELA Firmware.

  • LD 831C OB3 Octave Band Analysis

    Octave Band Analysis


    In many applications, it is important to acquire both the broadband level and spectral content of noise data. With spectral information, the source and content of the measured level can be better understood. Constant percentage bandwidth filters (1/1 or 1/3 octave) best approximate human perception of sound.

  • 831C FFT sound level meter for fast fourier transform analysis

    FFT Analysis and Tone Assessment


    The narrow-band filtering provided by Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Analysis of single-channel acoustic or vibration sources is useful for machinery analysis, product development, tone detection, fault analysis, and vibration troubleshooting.

  • LD 831C LOG software screen

    Acoustic Parameter Logging


    SoundAdvisor Model 831C can be used to record the evolution of sound pressure level over time as a Time History (TH). The Time History is then used to profile the observation period, which can vary from several seconds to continuous monitoring.

  • LD 831C ELA measurement history screen 2

    Measurement History


    While Time Histories are typically logged at one sample per second, longer- term averages are often useful to see trends, e.g., 10 minute or hourly averages. 831C-ELA firmware enables Measurement History (MH) and logs these parameters similar to Time History (TH). MH and TH can run together simultaneously or independently.

  • LD 831C ELA Automatic Event Detection and Alerts

    Automatic Event Detection and Alerts


    Record additional data or receive alerts of events. Events are triggered when selected parameters exceed a fixed or dynamic threshold for a minimum duration or by an external trigger set by the digital input signal.

  • 831C SCH noise measurement scheduling firmware

    Noise Monitoring Scheduling Tools


    Data and alerts are often needed only on certain days or specific times. With 831C-SCH firmware, schedule run/stop times, modem usage, and alert type and recipient. Easily configure SoundAdvisor to measure and report only what you need, even when those needs change.

  • LD 831C SW Cellular Communication

    Cellular Communication


    We understand how beneficial it can be to have access to your noise monitor at any time of the day. Due to the remoteness or need to setup contracts and get permits, connecting a noise monitor to a wired network or main power just isn’t feasible.

    With option 831C-SW you can connect the SoundAdvisor by USB directly to a Sierra Wireless gateway and get a highly portable noise monitor that can easily be powered by battery and/or solar. We recommend the Sierra Wireless model RV-50 because of its low power usage and industrial design.