SoundTrack® LxT Noise Ordinance Sound Level Meter

Community Noise and Code Enforcement Measurements | Model LxT-N/Forcer

Notice: The LxT is discontinued and not available. Please see  Spartan Sound Level Meter Model 821IH for a recommended replacement and to learn more about Larson Davis' latest offering for occupational noise assessment.

NForcer noise ordinance sound level meter

SoundTrack®, LxT N/Forcer offers accurate, citation-ready noise data for community noise ordinance enforcement and nuisance complaint response in a compact meter with a small portable printer.

Responding to noise complaints and enforcing local noise ordinances can be hard enough, given the emotionally charged nature of the complaint. Getting objective measurements on-the-spot, with a simple-to-use Sound Level Meter, makes the job easier. The SoundTrack LxTr N/Forcer is designed for use by anyone whose mission is to obtain noise measurements of evidential quality, conforming to local ordinances or other regulatory requirements.

No prior experience in sound measurement or acoustics is needed; a simple instruction manual is included with the system, and customer support is available by phone 24/7. Push a button to obtain the readings, and another to get a printout of the noise measurement, with date and time stamp. For PC download, software is included at no additional cost.

SoundTrack LxTr N/Forcer is built tough, and has a high visibility backlit display for easy readability, day or night. Part of the Larson Davis family of reliable, accurate sound level meters, you can be sure the quality of your N/Forcer noise data is verifiable and reports are admissible.


  • For compliance with community and noise regulations
  • Prints noise level results on site with date and time of complaint response
  • Simple, one-handed operation
  • Brightly lit, clearly labeled
    LCD display
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Supplied with printer, calibrator, and case
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Available in Class 1 or 2


  • Community Noise Standards and
    Noise Enforcement
  • Nuisance Noise Complaints
  • Construction Sites, Racetracks, Outdoor Concerts, etc.
  • Traffic Noise and `Boom Cars'

SoundTrack LxT N/Forcer Specifications

SoundTrack LxT N/Forcer Specifications
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