Headphone Test Fixtures

Test Headphones from R&D to Production Line

Larson Davis offers a line of Headphone Test Fixtures for phases of the product lifecycle from product development to production line, backed by Larson Davis’ customer support and commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction.
  • AEC206 headphone earbud test fixture for development testing

    Headphone R&D Test Fixture

    Model AEC206

    Unparalleled Accuracy for Headphone Development

    Modeling the effects of sound on the human ear is an important consideration when designing headphones. The Headphone Test Fixture AEC206 models the human ear with simulated pinnae and IEC 60318-4 compliant occluded ear simulators.

    • In-ear / on-ear headphone testing and R&D
    • Suitable for supra-aural, circumaural, supra-concha, intraconcha, and insert-type headphones
    • Includes IEC 60318-4 (711) occluded-ear simulators
    • Left and Right replaceable pinnae

  • AEC210 headphone production test fixture

    Headphone Production Test Fixture

    Model AEC210

    Repeatable Results for Headphone Production Testing

    When you need to know a headphone produces an expected output but don't need to measure human perception, the Headphone Production Test Fixture Model AEC210 is an ideal solution. Thanks to flush-mounted microphones and configurable positioners, Model AEC210 produces repeatable measurements that are well suited for quality testing during production.

    • Accurate headphone positioning for repeatable measurements
    • Includes ICP® microphones
    • Highly configurable mounting platform
    • Sound source speakers available for external sound or artificial mouth
    • Cost effective solution for quality testing
    • Compatible with off the shelf audio interface and software