Precision Sound Level Calibrators

For Sound Level Meters and Noise Monitoring Equipment | CAL Series

Use a handheld acoustic calibrator (also known as a sound level calibrator) to produce a known sound pressure level at a known frequency. This level can then be used to adjust your sound measuring equipment to measure more accurately, since microphone performance  can vary with weather conditions. This process, commonly known as field calibration or acoustic calibration, is typically performed both before and after every measurement. Larson Davis also offers a range of calibrator adapters for different sized microphones.

Model Class (type)Output LevelFrequency
CAL200CAL200 precision sound level acoustic calibrator for microphones194 dB or 114 dB selectable1000 Hz
CAL250CAL250 precision acoustic sound level calibrator for microphones1114 dB251.2 Hz
CAL150CAL150 handheld sound level calibrator for microphones294 dB or 114 dB selectable1000 Hz