Environmental Noise Monitoring Systems

Portable and Permanent Sound Level Meter-Based Solutions

Environmental noise monitoringWhen your goal is measuring environmental noise, it is crucial to have a system designed to meet the specific goals of your test. Have you ever lost your measurement notes, or worse, forgotten to log the information properly and then had to either go back and reacquire the data altogether or simply not report it? Portable and permanent testing solutions from Larson Davis brings you the meters you trust in the rugged packaging you need to help you capture the data essential to your test. In addition to information on individual systems, an Outdoor System Comparison Table is available below.


  • Airports
  • Communities
  • Construction
  • Industrial Plants
  • Mining Operations
  • Motorsports
  • Railways
  • Stadiums
  • Traffic
  • Wind Farms
  • NMS045 long-term permanent outdoor noise monitoring system

    Permanent, Long-term Noise Monitoring

    SoundAdvisor™ Model NMS045

    Model NMS045 delivers 24/7 connectivity, continuous power capabilities, and a rugged design to simplify your long-term testing. Encased in a fiberglass enclosure, NMS045 is mounted to a permanently placed pole.

    • 24/7 network access
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • AC or solar power options
    • Email and text alerts of exceedances

  • NMS044 portable outdoor noise monitoring system

    Portable, Short-term Noise Monitoring

    SoundAdvisor™ Model NMS044

    Model NMS044, similar to Model NMS045, is a completely wireless solution designed to run indefinitely on solar power, allowing you to take measurements and view them 24/7. A rugged case houses the system making it an ideal solution for remote noise monitoring.

    • 24/7 network access
    • Easy deployment in the field
    • Solar power options
    • Real-time alerts

  • LD-NMS-SE-Battery-powered-Portable-Noise-Monitoring-System

    Battery-powered Portable Noise Monitoring

    SoundExpert® Model NMS-SE

    SoundExpert Model NMS-SE offers basic functionality for short-term monitoring. Deploy the system and operate on battery power for up to two weeks before retrieving and downloading measurement data. The system does not offer 24/7 access to measurements or real-time alerts.

    • Two weeks continuous battery power
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Affordable, entry-level system

  • LD SoundAdvisor Model 831C Sound Level Meter with Phone App

    Handheld, Attended Monitoring

    SoundAdvisor™ Model 831C

    Model 831C delivers connectivity, extensive software features, and small form factor, making it ideal for handheld operation. Control and monitor data via any PC or mobile device with a standard web interface.

    • Flexibility for integration
    • Customizable by application
    • Easy setup and data download

Which System Should I Use?

Model Recording Duration Power Connectivity Alerts
NMS045Long-term AC or Solar 24/7 Network Access
NMS044Short- to Mid-term Solar 24/7 Network Access
NMS-SEShort-term 8 D-cell batteries USB  
831CHandheld & Attend Rechargeable
24/7 Network Access
LxTHandheld & Attend Primary AA Cells