Noise Dosimeter Trade-In Program

10% Off Spartan™ Series Noise Dosimeters

LD-730-Spartan-Noise-DosimeterReady to upgrade the performance of your noise dosimeter? Take advantage of our limited time Noise Dosimeter Trade-In Program and start using a Larson Davis Spartan Model 730 or Spartan Intrinsically Safe Model 730IS today!

  • Save 10% off your noise dosimeter order
  • Receive a FREE Octave Band or Sound Recording Option (up to $500 in value)
  • Gain access to LD Atlas™ mobile app and G4 LD Utility software at no charge

The Larson Davis Spartan is the only truly wireless noise dosimeter on the market, making measurements easier, faster and more efficient. Using Spartan with LD Atlas app, you can complete all your measurement tasks, including setup, data download, and report generation, from your phone. Have an older intrinsically safe dosimeter? We've got you covered!  Spartan-IS is now available and is also eligible for the trade-in program. See how  Spartan can simplify your testing and act now for a trade-in credit.

Have something other than an older model Larson Davis noise dosimeter? Contact Larson Davis to see if your dosimeter is eligible.

Contact us today at or 716.926.8243 to discuss your trade-in!



Terms and Conditions Apply:

  • Discount is for 10% off list price.  Cannot combine with any other offer or discount
  • Offer valid for US customers only
  • Limited-time offer
  • Trade-in product must be returned to Larson Davis to be eligible for discount