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730 Spartan 730 noise dosimeter with one windscreen and two clips. Includes calibration certificate
Complete Spartan 730 noise dosimeter kit that includes quantity `xx' dosimeters. Each dosimeter includes one windscreen, two clips, and a calibration certificate. Versions without CAL150 calibrator available.
`xx' Spartan 730 Dosimeters Calibrator (qty 1) Calibration Adapter Case
01 1 CAL150 1 x ADP109 CCS056
03 3 CAL150 1 x ADP109 CCS057
05 5 CAL150 1 x ADP109 CCS058
10 10 CAL150 1 x ADP109 CCS059
  • EU includes a Type C power plug for use in Europe
  • UK includes a Type G power plug for use in the UK
  • US includes a Type A power plug for use in North America
730-PK01-OPT1 Spartan 730 noise dosimeter kit with one dosimeter, one windscreen, two clips, USB Bluetooth dongle, and rugged case with built-in wireless Qi charger. Includes calibration certificate and universal power adapter
730-ESR Spartan 730 option to add event sound recording
730-OB1 Spartan 730 option to add 1/1 octave filters
730-NBT Spartan 730 option to remove Bluetooth capability
730-CLIPS Replacement clip for Spartan 730, quantity 2
ADP106 BNC to ¼ inch microphone electrical equivalent with 8 pF capacitance used for electrical testing of the Spartan 730
ADP109 Calibrator adaptor for ½ in. to ¼ in. opening. Used with Spartan 730
BAT022 Replacement lithium battery for Spartan 730. Must be installed at a factory-authorized location. Does not include fee for installation.
CCS056 Spartan 730 case for single dosimeter kit that includes single wireless charger and universal power adapter. Spartan 730 and CAL150 not included
Spartan 730 case for three dosimeter kit that include three wireless chargers. Specify AC plug as "-EU", "-UK", or "-US". Spartan 730 dosimeters and CAL150 not included
Spartan 730 case for five dosimeter kit that include five wireless chargers. Specify AC plug as "-EU", "-UK", or "-US". Spartan 730 dosimeters and CAL150 not included
Spartan 730 case for ten dosimeter kit that include ten wireless chargers. Specify AC plug as "-EU", "-UK", or "-US". Spartan 730 dosimeters and CAL150 not included
CER-730 ISO 17025 factory calibration and certification of Spartan 730
CER-730-OBA Calibration and certification for Spartan 730 dosimeter including 1/1 octave filters. ISO 17025 accredited
DVX017USB to Bluetooth dongle for Windows 10 & 11 used with Spartan 730
PSA042 Wireless Qi charger pad including USB cable and universal power supply
WS012-XX Replacement windscreen for Spartan 730. Available in 1, 3, 5, 10, or 25 packs where XX is the number of windscreens
375A03 Replacement ¼ inch microphone for Spartan 730 dosimeter
CAL150 Class 2 calibrator, with user-selectable output 94 or 114 dB at 1 kHz, ½ in. opening with ¼ in. adaptor (ADP109) and calibration certificate included
CER-CAL150 Calibration and certification for CAL150.
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