Impulsive Noise Exitation for Reverberation Time Measurements in Buildings

Impulsive Sound Source | Model BAS006

The BAS006 is an innovative device used to create impulsive noise that includes low frequency energy and avoids problems like secondary bounce. These characteristics make it a great choice for quickly measuring reverberation time when the complexity and weight of a speaker and amplifier is not needed.

Use the BAS006 with a Larson Davis sound level meter to automatically detect the impulse and perform the ensemble averaging so you can measure decay times quickly with full results right on the meter.

Data can then be imported from the Larson Davis sound level meter into DNA software for full analysis and reporting capability.


  • Use for ISO 10140, ISO 140,   DIN 52210, and BS 5821 Measurements
  • Maintenance Free Design
  • Simple, easy to use


  • Measuring Reverberation Time
  • Building Acoustics
  • Room Acoustics