How to Field Calibrate Sound Level Meters Pre- and Post-Measurement

Calibration Process for SoundExpert and Spartan Sound Level Meters Models 721 and 821

Field calibration is an essential part of any sound level measurement. Measurement microphone sensitivity is affected by factors such as temperature and atmospheric pressure. A single point field calibration finely tunes the sensitivity of the measurement system to match current conditions and is an important step in the documentation and validation of your measurement chain. Did you know that best practice also includes calibrating the instrument after measurement? Spartan Sound Level Meters simplify the process with auto-calibration and automatically include calibration data in results and reports. Follow the steps shown in the video below to perform pre- and post-measurement calibration.

It is important to calibrate Sound Level Meters before and after use due to the effect weather conditions have on microphone sensitivity. In addition, these quick field calibrations are a critical part of documenting measurement validity.

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