Spartan™ Series for Workplace Noise

Occupational Safety Solutions | Series 730 and 821

LD-Spartan-Series-SpotlightSpartan Series Sound Level Meters and Noise Dosimeters provide a complete solution for assessing workplace noise, offering

  • Wireless charging and automatic Bluetooth data transfer
  • Reporting via phone with LD Atlas™ app
  • Long battery life ensures measurement readiness
  • Set up multiple meters at once with included software

Spartan SeriesDo We Have a Problem with Workplace Noise?

Easy ways to use a Sound Level Meter or Noise Dosimeters to measure noise in the workplace.

  • LD Spartan Series 821IH Sound Level Meter 01

    Spartan Sound Level Meter

    Series 821

    Spartan Sound Level Meter offers everything needed for workplace sound surveys with an easy-to use touch interface.

    • Class 1 or Class 2 Data Logging Sound Level meter
    • Responsive touch display
    • Optional 1/1 and 1/3 Octave Filters

  • LD 730 Series Spartan Noise Dosimeters

    Spartan Noise Dosimeters

    Series 730

    Does a sound survey indicate a potential problem with noise? Spartan Noise Dosimeters, available in standard and Intrinsically Safe models, make it easy to directly measure the daily noise dose workers are experiencing.

    • Built-in settings for common noise directives and limits
    • Full control and live monitoring via LD Atlas app
    • Optional 1/1 Octave Filters
    • Optional sound recording

Rental Available

Need meters for short-term use? Contact us to learn more about renting Spartan Series Sound Level Meters and Noise Dosimeters.