Construction Noise Monitoring

Measure Decibel Level from Construction

Construction environmental noise monitoringThe monitoring of construction noise that impacts the community from local projects can pay back the contractor by building a better relationship with the surrounding community and local regulatory agencies and avoiding costly delays and penalties during operations. An effective noise monitoring program will allow the contractor to understand the noise sources and time periods that are causing concerns and then develop a plan for mitigation.

Many construction projects are taking place over more lengthy time periods and operations often continue 24 hours a day to optimize efficiency and minimize impact on work day traffic. By implementing a 24 hour noise monitoring system, with real-time communication and alert notification, a contractor can demonstrate to the community and regulatory agencies that they are sensitive to the community and prepared to root-cause and correct any problems that may arise. Larson Davis also offers the option to make sound recording in .wav format of any event that exceeds the designated noise threshold. This allows the contractor to listen to the event that is causing the alert and confirm if it is part of their operation or another extraneous noise source. It is common for a contractor to agree to meet established noise limits, but to identify and exclude all noise sources not generated by the construction operations.

Larson Davis systems offer a complete set of metrics including octave filters (1/1 and 1/3), frequency weighting, time weighting, Ln percentiles, community day and night noise calculations (Lden and CNEL), and more. Selecting a system that serves the needs of the project and the budget will include evaluating variables such things as:

  • Monitoring Duration
  • Power Requirements
  • Installation and Mounting
  • Portability and Deployment
  • Remote Communication
  • Web Publishing and Alert Notification
  • Sound File Recording
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Open Architecture and Customization
  • 24-hr Technical Support


  • Monitoring Construction Noise
  • Demolition Noise Monitoring
  • Blast Noise Monitoring 
  • Pile Driving Noise Monitoring
  • Bridge Building Noise Monitoring
  • Delivery Noise Monitoring
  • Equipment Noise Monitoring
  • Environmental Noise Monitoring

Construction Noise Monitoring Systems

Larson Davis offers Sound Level Meters and Noise Monitoring Systems ranging from systems designed for permanent installations with 24/7 connectivity and continuous power to portable noise monitoring systems to handheld meters.

Looking for a system with real-time alerts and alarms to notify stakeholders when noise exceeds regulated limits? Take a look at SoundAdvisor Noise Monitoring System Model NMS044.

Simply need to deploy a system, then retrieve and analyze data later? SoundExpert Noise Monitoring System Model NMS048 is an ideal solution.