Community Noise Monitoring

Compliance to Community and Residential Noise Regulations

Community noise monitoringProgressive governments and city managers actively engage in monitoring community noise. Noise affects both the quality of life and health of citizens living in a community. Management of noise generally follows a pattern similar to the one below:

  1. Determine current noise levels at various city locations
  2. Update ordinances and zoning to concentrate noisy activities and preserve quiet areas
  3. Monitor noise levels to verify effectiveness of ordinances and zoning

Larson Davis helps achieve quieter communities by providing professional grade noise monitoring equipment used to determine existing noise level as well as to monitor for compliance with regulations. Rugged design allows these community noise monitoring systems to be used outdoors in all types of weather conditions, while reliably reporting accurate noise levels. Larson Davis systems offer you:

  • Low cost and simple deployment though low power usage, facilitating either battery or solar operation
  • Always accessible data with options for cellular, WiFi, or Ethernet connections
  • Email or text alerts from appropriately configured systems when it becomes loud or noise limits are exceeded
  • Ability to hear and identify noise source while listening remotely – continuously record or record only loud events
  • Options for short term monitoring to multi-year measurements
  • Purchase and rental options to meet varying requirements
  • Low recurring costs by using existing free or low cost cloud services to communicate data to a server. No monthly web hosting or access fees.

Your local Larson Davis representative will be glad to help determine what products best fit your measurement requirements. Learn more about available noise monitoring system solutions.


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