Bioacoustic Studies

Measuring and Capturing Animal Sound

Bioacoustic noise monitoringLarson Davis  Sound Level Meters and Noise Monitoring Systems are ideally suited for field research and bioacoustics studies. Whether monitoring the quietest soundscapes across the globe or capturing the sound level of birds, insects, mammals, or sea creatures, Larson Davis meters provide the tools and features needed to reliably collect exactly the data you need.

Animal Noise Monitoring Applications

  • Wildlife sound level measurement
  • Animal sound studies
  • Animal behavior studies
  • Animal communication studies
  • Animal vocalization studies
  • Capturing animal sound
  • Low noise measurements

Measurements Simplified

Ideal for bioacoustic and animal sound studies, Larson Davis Noise Monitoring Systems offer a complete suite of metrics including octave filters (1/1 and 1/3), frequency weighting, time weighting, and more.

Loon on Lake
  • 120 dB dynamic range
  • Fast data logging - store time measurements as fast as every 20 milliseconds
  • Over 50 acoustic parameters available to log simultaneously: even if you're not sure at the outset of your study which metrics are most important, record all of the data you may need in one measurement
  • Post-measurement analysis and reporting tools
  • Synchronized sound recordings available
  • Connectivity with customizable exceedance alerts via text or email
  • 24-hour technical support
  • Weather data acquisition available (wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, and precipitation)
  • GPS positioning available for logging survey locations
  • Easily connect a hydrophone for underwater acoustics
  • Low noise options available
  • Rental available

A Range of Noise Measurement and Monitoring Options

Larson Davis Sound Meters and Noise Monitoring Systems range from handheld to short-term deployment to permanent installations, and system selection depends on

  • Measurement duration
  • Power needs (solar, line, and battery power available)
  • Portability and deployment options
  • Communication needs

Permanent, Portable, and Handheld Noise Monitoring Solutions