Larson Davis Commitment to Quality

Quality Statement

Larson Davis and each of its employees are committed to doing whatever is necessary to provide Total Customer Satisfaction.  We will strive to provide reasonably priced, quality products and services with on time delivery that meet customers needs.  Successful implementation of our Quality System will help us achieve our goal of Total Customer Satisfaction. The management team is dedicated and committed to quality, growth and continual improvement as primary corporate objectives.

In an effort to reach our goal of Total Customer Satisfaction, if at any time, any of the requirements of the LD Quality System cannot be followed, the management team will determine the appropriate and effective action which will best serve our customers needs.

All LD employees are required to understand our goal of Total Customer Satisfaction, to master the quality documentation and to follow the policies and procedures applicable to their work assignment.

The management team is committed to good professional practice and quality of calibration services for our customers.

We have selected Total Customer Satisfaction as our motto to help communicate this policy statement.