Data Service Web-Based Noise Monitoring

Easily Access and Share Noise Data | Model SWW-DATASVC

Data Service provides both public access to noise levels and easy access to in-depth historical noise data and reports. Data Service is a cloud-based service that collects data from Larson Davis noise monitors and presents the information in a format accessible and appropriate for all of the stakeholders.

SWW-DATASVC noise report with weather


  • Public access to noise data
  • Real time levels on a map
  • Cloud based data collection and management
  • Report generation
  • Browser-based data availability and analysis
  • Mobile-friendly


  • Environmental noise
  • City noise
  • Construction noise
  • Monitoring noisy venues

Data Service is organized into three primary functional groups:

  • Live Data – Ideal for the public or others who need current or recent noise level. The information is presented on a map with color coded levels and simple selections, so it can be used by anyone.
  • Noise Analyzer – Provides customizable queries of historical noise data that can be viewed graphically or in tabular form. Using the Noise Analyzer, data can be reviewed online or exported for advanced analysis.
  • Report Module – Makes viewing noise monitor data and creating pdf reports easy.

SWW-DATASVC live noise level on map
Public access to map-based noise information

SWW-DATASVC daily average noise level
Daily average noise reports

SWW-DATASVC noise report frequency spectrum
Frequency spectrum plot

Supported Meters831C-based Systems
Number of Noise Monitoring Sites1 to many
Number of UsersPublic: unlimited
Administrators: 10
Noise Monitor CommunicationLAN, WiFi, or Cellular
Collection of Noise Monitor DataProvided automatically
Integrated Weather DataUsing SEN031 or SEN032
Data Storage LocationCloud
Six Month Prepaid SWW-DATASVC-6MO
Annual Prepaid SWW-DATASVC-12MO