Product Noise & Vibration Testing

Quality Control and Product Compliance for Sound and Vibration

  • LD SoundExpert Series 821ENV Sound Level Meter 01

    Product Noise Testing

    Larson Davis Sound Level Meters provide the functions, metrics, and accessories needed to help you develop quieter products. SoundAdvisor is well suited for acoustic development in the automotive, motorcycle, appliance, turbine, and speaker industries.

  • LD SoundAdvisor Model 831C Sound Level Meter with Phone App

    Production Line Acoustic Testing

    Production line acoustic testing is necessary for qualifying and inspecting a wide range of products and sub-assemblies. Larson Davis Sound Level Meters provide the ability to measure noise for pass/fail assessments and for archiving for future traceability. This data can identify alignment errors, missing components, cracks, defects, and other anomalies. Octave band analysis can be used to get immediate diagnostic feedback as to what has failed on the component that can help root cause the concern and eliminate warranty costs. This data can also be used to predict subjective customer perceptions and to set quality standards that drive product acceptance and differentiation.  

  • LxT QPR firearm noise sound level meter

    Firearm and Impulsive Noise Measurements

    The SoundTrack® LxT1-QPR Sound Level Meter is an ideal tool for measurement of loud impulsive noises created by firearms, impact devices, and explosive devices. For example, firearm examiners are often tasked with determining whether installation of a suppressor on a firearm results in an “acceptable” reduction of the sound pressure level of a gun. The SoundTrack LxT1-QPR utilizes a ¼” prepolarized pressure microphone that is capable of reading the very high levels. These readings can quickly be organized and stored on internal memory, and exported to a PC for archiving and reporting.

  • AudCal portable audiometer calibration system

    Audiometer Hearing Devices

    The Audiometer Calibration System Model AudCal combines the power and versatility of the SoundAdvisor Sound Level Meter Model 831C with software to create a complete, portable solution for designing, testing, and calibrating earphones, hearing aids, or audiometers.  This system comes with a full line of artificial ear couplers and accessories including ear simulators, artificial mastoids, and insert earphone and hearing aid couplers.

  • HVM200 human vibration meter for hand-arm and whole body vibration measurements

    Product Vibration Compliance

    The Human Vibration Meter Model HVM200 is well suited for measuring whole-body and hand-arm vibration. It will analyze the data in accordance with the most current ISO requirements to calculate exposure metrics. This portable tool is useful to measure tooling and steering wheel compliance with existing standards and regulations. When used with the seat pad accelerometer it can be used to evaluate ride quality and ergonomic compliance.