LD Atlas™ Mobile App

Noise & Vibration Monitoring - Connect, Measure, Analyze

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LD Atlas™ is a free mobile app for use with your new Larson Davis equipment. Install LD Atlas on your phone or tablet - available for both iOS and Android - and connect to your Spartan™ Series Noise Dosimeters, SoundAdvisor™ Sound Level Meter Model 831C, and Human Vibration Meter Model HVM200. Connect to your meter and use LD Atlas to easily check on the status of your meter, make setup changes for a new measurement, analyze data, listen to recorded audio files, and even create and share PDF reports with your own company logo on them.
LD Atlas Software
Connections are made to the Spartan Series meters seamlessly over Bluetooth Low-Energy, without the need to pair devices, or via the IP address of your Sound Advisor 831C or HVM200. Data is presented within a spreadsheet view, time history graphs, and octave band analysis breakdown.


LD Atlas Mobile App Offers

  • Management of meters connected to the internet
  • Calibration of meters
  • Ability to review data and preview graphs
  • Report production and sharing
  • Annotation of data with speech-to-text
  • Playback of sound recording files
  • Download of files via Bluetooth connection

Noise Dosimetry Applications

  • Worker Noise Exposure
    • Shift Analysis
    • Task Analysis
  • Choose from preset or create custom dose settings
    • OSHA-PEL
    • OSHA-HC
    • ACGIH
    • NIOSH
    • ISO

Sound Level Meter Applications

  • Environmental noise monitoring
  • Attended noise measuring
  • Product noise evaluation
  • Production line acoustic testing
  • Site assessment
  • Reverberation time measurement
  • Frequency determination

Human Vibration Meter Applications

  • Hand-arm vibration measurements
  • Whole-body vibration measurements
  • General vibration measurements
  • 1/1 and 1/3 octave filters