Environmental Protection For Noise Monitoring

Protect Outdoor Sound Measurement Equipment

EPS2116 outdoor noise monitoring microphone protectionWhen making outdoor noise measurements, sensitive microphones and noise measuring equipment can be exposed to all types of weather including rain, dew, wind and heat. Protect your equipment and data from the negative effects of exposure to weather by using an Environmental Protection System, EPS. Our EPS products allow a sound level meter to be placed in a protective case and connected to an outdoor microphone system through a watertight orifice using an extension cable.

These systems provide rechargeable battery power to your noise monitoring equipment for up to 4 weeks, while also protecting from damage or measurement error due to dirt or moisture. Whether you need a system that is small and portable or one that will provide extended continuous monitoring in remote locations, we have an EPS product to fit your need.

For protecting you outdoor microphone and preamplifier we offer a new universal protection shroud. The EPS2116 has a built-in rain screen and can be mounted on a camera tripod (1/4-20 thread) or a _" NPT (ISO 228-G _) pipe thread. When combined with the Model 831 or SoundExpert LxT sound level meter, digital correction filters allow for the selection of free field, random or 90 degree response from your sound level meter for a high level of measurement flexibility.

Determining the EPS products that are suitable for your application will depend on the weather conditions, accessibility to the site, duration of your measurements, and more. See the table below to help you select the most appropriate products.


  • Noise Monitor Protection in Any Weather
  • Available for SoundAdvisor 831C, Spartan Series 821, SoundExpert Series 821 meters
  • Durable & Portable Enclosures
  • Water-tight Cable Pass Through
  • Rechargeable Battery Option
  • Microphone Protection with Built-in Rain Screen


  • Outdoor Noise Monitoring
  • Construction Noise
  • Mining Noise
  • Outdoor Venues
  • Aircraft Noise
  • Amusement Parks
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Industrial Noise Monitoring