Octave Band Analysis

Sound Level Meter with Octave Band Analysis | Model 831-OB3

831 Sound Level Meter

In many applications, it is important to acquire both the broadband level and spectral content of noise data. With spectral information, the source and content of the measured overall level can be better understood. Constant percentage bandwidth filters (1/1 or 1/3 octave) best approximate human perception to sound. 831-OB3 Firmware enables simultaneous real time measurement of 1/1 and 1/3 octave Leq, Lmax, Lmin along with all the ANY LEVEL broadband parameters. 831-OB3 is compliant with IEC 61260:2001 Class 1 and ANSI S1.11-2004 Class 1 standards and covers the entire frequency range of human hearing: 6.3 Hz to 20 kHz for 1/3 octave bands. When 831-OB3 is combined with Time History Logging (831-LOG) or Automatic Event Detection and Event History (831-ELA) it is possible to review the frequency content of logged data or specific events.


  • Simultaneous 1/1 and 1/3 Octave Filters
  • 1/1 Octave Filters from 8 Hz to 16 kHz
  • 1/3 Octave Filters from 6.3 Hz to 20 kHz
  • IEC 61260 and ANSI S1.11 Compliant
  • 2.5 ms interval available (optional)
  • Leq, Lmin and Lmax computed
  • Spectral Ln


  • Determine frequency content
  • General purpose noise measurement