Firmware | Model 831 Sound Level Meter

From Octave Band Analysis to Reverberation Time Analysis

Larson Davis offers a wide range of firmware options for the Model 831 Sound Level Meter. Find the right solution for your measurements below.

  • Reverberation Time

    Model 831-RT

    Reverberation times are used in multiple architectural acoustics applications ranging from simple experimental reverberation time determination for room performance, to calculating absorption coefficients for material performance. Most of the time, these measurements are dictated by various international standards. Model 831 measures the decays and then computes the reverberation time according to ISO 3382-2 or ASTM 2235-04 standards.

  • 831-OB3 sound level meter with octave band analysis

    Octave Band Analysis

    Model 831-OB3

    Option 831-OB3 firmware enables simultaneous real time measurement of 1/1 and 1/3 octave Leq, Lmax, Lmin along with all the ANY LEVEL broadband parameters. Option 831-OB3 is compliant with IEC 61260:2001 Class 1 and ANSI S1.11-2004 Class 1 standards and covers the entire frequency range of human hearing.

  • 831-IH sound level meter for industrial hygiene

    Industrial Hygiene Measurements

    Model 831-IH

    The Model 831 is available with two virtual noise dosimeters compliant with ANSI S1.5 and IEC 61252:2001, each with programmable threshold levels. This is very convenient when performing worker noise exposure assessment when coupled with the 1/1 Octave Band spectral analysis for hearing protection device selection.

  • 831-LOG sound level meter with time history logging

    Logging and Fast Logging

    Model 831-LOG and 831-FST

    With Time History Data Logging, users can pre-select from logging periods as small as 20 ms to a full 24-hours. With time periods greater than or equal to 100 ms, up to 58 selectable parameters can be chosen. 

  • 831-MH sound level meter with measurement time histories

    Measurement History

    Model 831-ELA

    831-ELA Firmware enables Measurement History (MH) which logs parameters similar to the Time History (TH) yet looks at the average, minimum and maximum over the selected interval time. MH and TH can be run in parallel or independently.

  • Automatic Event Detection and Event History

    Model 831-ELA

    With 831-ELA software, you are able to define the attributes of an event including threshold level, duration and hysteresis.

  • 831-SR sound level meter with sound recording

    Sound Recording

    Model 831-SR

    831-SR firmware allows you to make high fidelity recordings at up to 48 kHz sampling with your Model 831 Sound Level Meter either manually or automatically based on an array of triggering options.

  • 831-FFT sound level meter for fast fourier transform analysis

    FFT Analysis

    Model 831-FFT

    When you need more frequency resolution than 1/3rd octave band spectral analysis can provide, Model 831 FFT Frequency Analysis is the ideal solution.