Remote Noise Monitoring Access Service

Access Noise Data Anywhere | SoundLink Software Service

SoundLink software service for remote noise montoring

The Larson Davis SoundLink Service enables remote access worldwide by removing technological barriers that previously hampered attempts to implement remote noise monitoring. SoundLink reduces labor costs, simplifies data gathering, and allows for remote status monitoring and quick responses to noise concerns.

SoundLink works by using the Internet to download data onto a device. Use any service provider or plan to balance operational costs without compromising reliability. Seamless Integration with the G4 LD Utility makes working with a SoundLink-connected noise monitor as easy as a directly connected meter.

The SoundLink solution securely encrypts all data sent via the Internet, making noise monitoring visible only to those with VPN security keys. When configured for SoundLink, noise monitor network connection is made using a VPN to access a cloud server. The monitors are then available at a fixed IP address on the VPN. Data is stored on your own computers ensuring complete control. Access to SoundLink connected noise monitors can be shared with up to 5 simultaneous users, making the meters available where needed.


  • Remote cellular access
  • Use any SIM
  • Highly secure
  • Static IP not required
  • Works anywhere

SoundLink Applications

  • Environmental Noise
  • Construction Noise
  • Industrial Noise
  • Noise Ordinance Compliance
  • Outdoor Venue Noise

Use SoundLink With

Portable Noise Monitor
Model NMS044
Model 831C
Permanent Noise Monitor
Model NMS045


LicensePer noise monitor
Available time blocks6 or 12 months
Data storageOn customer computer
Client (Noise Monitor)
Maximum Noise Monitors30
Max Simultaneous PC Clients5
Noise Monitor AccessFixed IP [1]
Supported ModemSierra Wireless RV50 & RV50X
SIM card requirements
(not included)
Data plan 4 GB/month typical
PC Requirements
Operating SystemWindows® 7 or 10
RAM4 GB min
8 GB recommended
VPN ClientOpenVPN
Firewall (for VPN)Access to port 1194
[1] Provided by SoundLink service