Acoustic and Vibration Measurement Software

Data, Navigation, Analysis Software | Model DNA

DNA acoustic vibration measurement software

DNA (Data, Navigation, and Analysis) provides tools for advanced analysis of data and the production of fully customizable reports. Some of DNAs many features include:

  • Supports Larson Davis models 831C, 831 & LxT
  • Support legacy Larson Davis products on modern Windows®
  • Multiple live data displays on the PC screen
  • Create report templates for easy graphing and printing
  • Organize templates, graphics, and measurements for easy recall
  • Reports can integrate text, graphics, pictures, or embedded objects
  • Cursor synchronization between graphs


  • Building Acoustics
  • Industrial Noise
  • General Surveys
  • Transportation Noise
  • Community Noise
  • Events and Tone
  • Workplace Surveys
  • Machinery Noise


Make any graphic presentation with dimensions, scaling, dotted lines, bar graphs, overlays, linear and log scales, and cursors synchronized between graphs. For repetitive tasks, create the ideal document and then save it as a template to easily reuse it with different data. 

  • Management of graphics, numerical tables, comments, dynamic markers, digital photos, and video clips
  • Direct import of image files
  • X, Y, and Z axis definable as linear or logrithmic with selectable values, or using autoscale
  • Cut and paste between sequences acquired in the time domain
  • Measurement recalibration and level modification in frequency and time domain
  • Spectrograms and 3D graphics (waterfall)
  • Mathematical functions, masks in time and frequency domain, automatic identification of the events, tonal components, etc
  • Creation of the curve family as ISO-NR, ISO-2633, Isophonics ISO-226, etc
  • Weighting curves
  • Statistics on the overall value and per frequency band, also in FFT

Organize Your Measurements

DNA saves all measurement-related files as elements of a project file. Project files can contain measurement data, page descriptions, images, audio files, etc. All data are organized in a tree structure (like Windows Explorer). In addition, DNA allows you to drag & drop any object onto project reports.

Data Post-Processing

DNA calculates functions including all mathematical operations from data blocks, spectra, multi-spectra, levels versus time, engine revolution or speed, and more. Levels of selected spectral bands can be modified or cancelled, both in frequency and in time domain, for data matrix or multi-spectra. Several weighting curves are included with the software.

Optional Modules

DNA can be expanded to meet your measurement needs with the following modules:

Building Acoustics

  • RT-60 with backward Schroeder Integration
  • ISO 10140, ISO140, ISO 16283, ISO 717
  • ASTM E336, ASTM E966, ASTM E1007


  • Add psychoacoustic and loudness computation