Human Vibration Reporting & Analysis Software

Set Up Human Vibration Tests, View Data, Create Reports | G4 LD Utility

LD G4 SoftwareG4 LD Utility Functionality Includes

  • Instrument setup and control
  • Data download
  • View time history in tabular or graphical formats
  • Perform “what-if” analysis by editing data and recalculating results
  • Print reports with resulting metrics
  • Export data and archives

Download the G4 LD Utility for full functionality with Human Vibration Meter HVM200.

"What If" Analysis

Using G4 with the HVM option, you can graphically modify data and G4 will automatically recalculate metrics based upon the given inputs and display the results.

Software Development Kit (SWW-G4-SDK) 

When you need to write your own software or integrate the HVM200 into existing software, we offer a software development kit, SDK, to facilitate the development. The HVM200 API is based upon http, html and JSON so command and responses are plain text and highly portable; which makes software development much easier. A DLL with a C-sharp API is also provided with the SDK in order to access data in files.