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No-Hassle Noise Exposure Measurements
Noise exposure measurements with no hassle? Yes, please!

Did you know that you can set up your test, monitor measurements, analyze data, and share reports right from the free LD Atlas™ App on your mobile device? The Spartan™ Wireless Noise Dosimeter Model 730 and Spartan Model 730IS, an intrinsically safe unit, make your job easier. No need for an IT Department ticket to install software on your PC – just install LD Atlas on your phone and get right to work assessing worker noise exposure!

Learn about Wireless Noise Dosimetry

Spartan Noise Dosimeter on a Worker
Need Equipment? Give Rental a Try!

Spartan Noise Dosimeters in both single-device and multi-pack cases are available to rent from our sister company, The Modal Shop. Whether you’re renting for a short-term project, working with a limited capital budget, or just want to ensure the equipment you’re working with is up-to-date and fully calibrated, rental is an excellent option.

Rent Noise Dosimeters

Spartan Dosimeters Available for Rent
Make Better Workplace Noise Measurements

Larson Davis has you covered. Watch our latest webinar, Worker Noise Exposure: 3 Ways to Make Better Measurements. We’ll give you 3 tips for taking worker noise dose measurements that are accurate and convenient. From techniques to identify tampering, to using mobile technology to make the process more efficient, this webinar can help you identify the tools you need to get the job done.

Watch the Webinar

Worker Noise Exposure Webinar Video


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